London EPROM'S to upgrade Mephisto chess computers.

Most MEPHISTO modules and chess computers that contain Richard Lang programs can be upgraded to the 1994 "London" version..

We can supply London EPROM's for the following machines:

  • Most Almeria, Lyon, Portorose and Vancouver 68000 (16 bit) modules. See FAQ below.
  • Almeria, Lyon, Portorose and Vancouver 68020 (32 bit) modules.
  • 68030 Genius modules.
  • The Mephisto Berlin and Berlin Professional chess computers.
  • Most tournament 68030 machines. Please contact with details of your machine before ordering.

The price is Euro 32 including airmail delivery within Europe.

If you have any questions please contact

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How long does delivery take?

Airmail delivery usually takes a few days. Please allow 7 working days before you contact us.

What will I receive after ordering?

You will receive either one or two EPROM chips. 68000 (16 bit) modules need two EPROM'S. 32 bit modules need one EPROM.

How do I fit the EPROM chips?

Switch off and open up your device and note the orientation of the original EPROM(s). There is a notch at one end. Gently remove the original EPROM(s) using a lever or screwdriver to lever the EPROM from its socket. Place the new London EPROM in the socket and gently insert.

Can my 68000 (16 bit) module be updated?

The London EPROM's have 32 pins (see picture below). Mephisto 68000 modules that have 32 pin EPROM sockets can be upgraded. Those that have 28 pin EPROM sockets cannot.

Can I go back to the original EPROMS?

Yes, Remove the London EPROM and replace with your original EPROM.

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EPROM for 68020 (32 bit) module.

EPROMS for 68000 (16 bit) module.

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