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ChessGenius is the strongest chess playing program for Bada phones. It is packed with features for beginners and experts.

Version 1.0
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ChessGenius is available now from Samsung Apps for all Samsung Bada phones. Compatible phones include the Samsung Wave (S8500), Wave II (S8530), Wave 525 (S5250), Wave 533 (S5330), Wave 723 (S7230E) and Wave 578 (S5780).

To buy click here or go to Samsung Apps on your phone and search for ChessGenius.

Features of ChessGenius for Bada
  • Runs on Bada phones with Bada 1.1 and 1.2
  • Small and compact
  • Incredibly strong play
    Excellent play even on the 'instant' level. Does not require a network connection.
  • Thirty three playing levels
    13 easy levels. ChessGenius makes deliberate mistakes.
    Ten time based levels. Instant, 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, ... 3 mins.
    Ten Blitz levels. Whole game in 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, .... 120 min. The Chess clocks count down in these levels. You lose if you run out of time.
  • Thinking information. (Analysis)
    Show analysis Option. It may, for example, show:
    "1.03 05 cxd4 Nxd4 Nc6 Bb5" This means that:
    ChessGenius is winning by 1.03 pawns. Search depth = 5, and line of moves. ChessGenius is planning cxd4 and expects Nxd4 in reply etc.
  • Landscape
    Rotate your device to play with landscape display.
  • Chess Clocks
    Total White and Black time and move time.
  • Make moves by tap and tap, or dragging
  • Set-up position
    Any legal position can be entered.
  • Take back and Step forward
    Take back moves to start of game and Step forward to end of game.
  • Hint
    Let ChessGenius suggest your move.
  • Opening name
    For example ChessGenius may display "B12 Caro-Kann defence".
  • Next best move command
    After ChessGenius has played a move "Next best move" will force ChessGenius to take back its last move and compute the next best move. This is useful for forcing ChessGenius to play a particular opening and for analyzing positions.
  • Players
    Play against ChessGenius, against another player or watch ChessGenius play itself.
  • Analyze game
    Like 2 player mode but ChessGenius calculates continuously and shows its thinking. Useful for replaying games to see where mistakes have been made.
  • Rules of Chess
    Understands all the rules of Chess including, en-passant, under promotion, castling, draw by repetition and the 50 move rule. Announces a draw if there is insufficient material to win.
  • Save and Load games
    Database features. ChessGenius can load and save games in PGN databases. Databases can be imported / exported to SD card.
  • Tutor option
    ChessGenius will warn if a blunder / weak move is played and give the option of take back.
  • Board colours
    Choice of 7 board colours.
  • Show legal moves option
    After selecting a piece ChessGenius shows where the piece can move to.
  • Show last move option
    ChessGenius can indicate the previous move.
  • Championship
    A 'Championship' icon is displayed if you have not used Hint, Taken back moves or viewed the analysis. Can you beat ChessGenius without help?
  • Five piece sets
    Chose between Royal, Modern and Classic color sets (designed by Bryan Whitby) and the Alpha and Merida black and white sets.
  • Free updates
  • Supports English, German, French and Italian
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